Joshua Coombes (29) is een bijzondere kapper. Onder het motto ‘Do something for nothing’ (Doe iets voor niets) geeft hij daklozen gratis knipbeurten. “Ik wil verbonden zijn met deze mensen.”

Sinds een jaar begon Joshua aan het project ‘Do something for nothing’. Het opzet is simpel, doe iets voor anderen zonder dat je er iets voor terug wilt. Zelf gebruikt hij zijn kappersschaar om dakloze mensen in de straten van Londen een gratis make-over te geven. Op zijn Instagrampagina deelt hij regelmatig foto’s van de mensen die hij transformeert. Heel wat mensen volgen de pagina, en hopelijk kan hij zo mensen aanzetten om ook iets te doen voor niets.

This is 'Cookie', 38 years old – Currently he sleeps under an archway of a train bridge with his girlfriend. They have been homeless in Exeter for the last few years. I saw Cookie sat playing his guitar, strumming a Beatles song and I couldn't help but go and talk to him. Cookie was born in New Zealand to Maori heritage, his family moved to the U.K. when he was just five. He talked to me about growing up in a council estate near Peterbourgh, recalling a rough place where he had to get strong quickly to keep up with the other kids. He fell into crime at an early stage with friends where he lived and told me in humour of a failed attempt to steal a car that ended up in a police chase, which landed him with a prison sentence. Cookie said that life in prison changed him and he felt jaded when returning to life outside. He couldn't maintain steady work and slowly found himself forced to homelessness. After the haircut unfortunately our good vibes were brought to a halt. A city council van arrived with two officers here to deliver him and his girl with a 24hr notice to leave the location and their belongings would removed if they didn't comply. When I questioned this I was met with hostility and the only reason being that the area has to be "cleansed" and cleaned tomorrow. This lack of empathy was horrible to witness. It had been a long while since his last haircut so it was great to freshen things up for the summer ahead. I know this guy has a positive head his shoulders and wants to improve his situation. In the meantime I'm gonna do what I can to help out. #DoSomethingForNothing

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