I have an extra layer of fat that sits on my muscles. Every time I try to lose it, my body resists. It's a struggle. For years, I tried to lose that weight with diet after diet. Eventually, I have realised that there's actually nothing wrong with my body or my metabolism, and that maybe – I'm just not meant to lose that 'extra' weight. This 'extra' weight is what keeps my hormones balanced, my mood stable and energy high. This 'extra' weight means I can regulate my temperature easily and sit comfortably thanks to it's cushiness. This so-called 'extra' layer is what keeps me warm at night so I can fall asleep easily. It keeps me going when I get hungry. It's what will protect me if I ever get sick. So it seems this 'extra' weight is not a burden (like I thought), but a security blanket. My body is not broken. My body loved me before I ever loved it and never wanted me to lose this lovely layer. While this extra fat means I'll never a six-pack, it's a small price to pay to have an energetic, healthy body. Accepting my natural body shape and my healthy weight has been one of the healthiest things I've done for myself. I've realise that this is my natural healthy weight, and I'm not longer willing to fight against it just to fit into people's idea of what a conventional healthy body looks like. This is what a healthy body looks like for me. And I love my layers. #realhealthlookslike #myhealthybody

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Gezond eten

Dat wil overigens niet zeggen dat ze niet iedereen aanraadt om gezond te eten. Ze deelt op haar Instagram en Facebook allerlei lekkere en gezonde receptjes. “Maar jezelf goed in je vel voelen en beseffen dat je je niet mag spiegelen aan foto’s op Facebook en Instagram, is even belangrijk.”

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